SiteWise Gold Success

Elite Services achieves the highest SiteWise Gold Certification.

Elite Services now holds SiteWise Gold certification for on-site safety. Only 18% of contractors with SiteWise accreditation achieve Gold Certification.

Managing Director of Elite Services, Devon Kay says

“Achieving the gold standard assures our clients work with a company that is focused on the safest and most robust health and safety requirements.”

Site Safe NZ is a leading industry organisation that works to create a culture of safety in New Zealand’s construction and maintenance industries. Elite Services and subcontractors we employ are assessed by Site Safe NZ annually, as part of our safety procedures.

As part of their ongoing commitment to on-site safety, Site Safe NZ created SiteWise.
This powerful tool grades contractor’s health and safety capability and publishes the grade in a viewable database. As an external independent experts, Site Safe NZ is the leading health and safety assessment organisation.

Benchmarking the best

All contractors who sign up to SiteWise must complete a rigorous annual health and safety evidence based assessment. Points cannot be awarded without supporting evidence of implementation. The aim is to achieve SiteWise Green or Gold status. To reach SiteWise Gold, a company must achieve a rating of 90% or above on their annual assessment.

The journey to Gold certification requires intensive evaluation and review. It covers our health and safety processes including hazard and risk management, subcontractor management processes, training and induction practices, incident investigations and more.

Achieving SiteWise Gold for Elite Services

Elite Services is now SiteWise Gold certified. Our team was able to achieve the highest possible rating by attaining an exceptionally high score of 94%. SiteWise Gold is an important milestone for Elite Services providing a safe working environment for our employees and clients is always a top priority.

Our SiteWise Gold confirms that we have effective health and safety systems in place. It’s total reassurance to our clients that outstanding health and safety is vital part of our service offering. Gold certification is more proof of the care and focus we have on delivering for every project.

Find out more about how Elite Services puts safety first for your business, please get in touch with us on 0800 851 635